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The hardest task of all

has been choosing which of the wishes made by the children in P3 and P4 at Cambusbarron deserves the prize!  Actually, all of the wishes deserved a prize, but there was only one for each class, so I had to make a decision.  It was nearly impossible as there were so many brilliant wishes to choose from.  In the end, after much deliberation, scratching my head and shuffling wishes from the “fantastic” pile to the “super-fantastic” pile and back again, I have finally made my choice and letters are winging their way to Cambusbarron with the details of the winners.

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Wishcatchers fun at Cambusbarron

I had a fabulous morning with P3 and P4 at Cambusbarron Primary this morning.  The children enjoyed hearing the extracts I read from The Wishcatchers and making wishes of their own.   We played lots of imagination games and I was so impressed by the amazing ideas from all the children – I think they will be producing brilliant and original stories for weeks to come!  Now I’m off to read all the wishes and find out who has won the prize for the best one – the only thing is, I have a feeling it’s going to be really, really, really, really difficult to pick just one from each class.

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It’s out there!

Hot on the heels of my new found fame in this week’s Berwickshire News, I have now seen a real live copy of The Wishcatchers on the shelves at Waterstone’s.  How amazing for my book to be there along with all the others.  I was very tempted to accost casual browsers and tell them all about The Wishcatchers and why they really should buy a copy.  But I just contented myself with pulling the book out a bit from the others so it would stand out…

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The Wishcatchers is published!

As of yesterday, 24th March 2011, The Wishcatchers is available through all good bookshops and online stores.  It was just disappointing that there weren’t any actually on the shelves of the bookshops I popped into yesterday.  Still it was only morning on the first day, maybe they hadn’t got round to unpacking their new stock yet.  Who will be the first person to see a real live copy on a bookshop shelf?  Let me know where and when you see your first copy!

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Demand exceeds supply!

The launch party went with a swing as you can see from the photos below.  It was such a thrill to see so many of my favourite people all in one place celebrating the launch of my first book!  A big thank you to everyone who came – and to everyone who bought a copy of The Wishcatchers.  We were overwhelmed by the support – and those who didn’t get in quickly enough, didn’t get a copy as we sold out!  How brilliant to think that there are loads of people starting to enjoy the story of Ant and her friends… it’s really out there now.

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It’s getting close…

The launch party for The Wishcatchers is tonight and it’s only a week to go until the book is officially available.  I’ve done my first author interview today – I should be appearing in next week’s Berwickshire News.  It’s all getting very exciting.  Now I’m off to fill my big bag with all the things I’ll need to take to the launch tonight…

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The real thing!

I now have in my possession an actual, real, live, three dimensional copy of The Wishcatchers, hot off the press.  It is such a thrill to see my work finally in book format.  I keep having to take it out and look at it to check it’s really real.  And what I didn’t realise from the proofs is that it actually has sparkly bits on the cover.  It looks and feels amazing.

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