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Three is better than one!

Popping in to my local Waterstone’s this evening, I was thrilled to find that they have no less than three copies of The Wishcatchers.  Not only that, they had them facing out, with front covers in full view.  I guess this means that they must be selling a few copies!  I found myself even more excited than when I found my first copy on a bookshop shelf.  Three copies are definitely better than one!

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Sun, sea, sand but not much scribbling

It”s been lovely to be away by the sea for two weeks.  I took my trusty laptop with me, thinking that I would work on the sequel to The Wishcatchers.  How many times do you think I got the laptop out?  I’ll give you a clue: somewhere between never and twice.  I was far too busy – reading, knitting, reading, the odd walk, reading…  But for a writer, surely reading counts as work too?  Learning how other people do it well (or not so well).  And I’m sure my subconscious has been at work too, sifting and storing up ideas, thoughts, images, feelings, which will surface in their own good time.

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