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A boost when I needed it most

Following all my second book misgivings, I have road-tested the current draft of The Disappearing Wish on my resident ten year old.  She has proclaimed it “brilliant” and “much better than The Wishcatchers” – remember, you heard it here first!  I do recognise that she is perhaps not the most objective of critics, but she does read with a real critical eye and has given me several suggestions for improvement that are absolutely spot on.  Thank you Emily!

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Stuck in the mud

This week has been hard.  I’ve been putting in a lot of writing hours, but I’m in that horrible place where I think everything I’m doing is terrible and questioning every last word and comma.  I’m almost finished the current draft of the sequel to The Wishcatchers and finding it difficult to see the wood from the trees – or the brilliant twist from the plot hole for that matter!  The only thing I’m holding onto is that I’ve been here before and I know (at least I think I know) that it won’t last.  In the meantime, I’m trying to focus on nuts and bolts like continuity and writing a synopsis. Here’s hoping that next week the fun will be back!

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Kelp forests, anemones, wolf fish and more

I’m working on the sequel to The Wishcatchers today.  At one point, near the end of the book, Ant, Clarissa and Rosie get to go out in a glass bottomed boat, so I’ve been researching what they might see.  It’s fascinating stuff.  There are kelp forests, white and yellow anemones, red sea squirts, octopuses, crabs, pollack, sea urchins, the rather scary looking wolf fish and the angler fish, which looks like a cross between a barnacled rock and a crocodile in a fish shape with a huge mouth.  Apparently, they have been known to come to the surface and snaffle a seabird for their dinner.  Not for the faint-hearted!

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