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Imagination overload!

I’m not long back from a morning spent with the P4 and P5 classes at Corstorphine Primary.  We had a high old time delving into our imaginations and coming up with all sorts of things. The children were all enthusiastic and were brim-ful of amazing ideas.  I wonder who would notice if I sneaked some of them into one of my next books? 

I even road-tested some of a work in progress.  It’s called Operation Anti-Slime and involves some unlikely superheroes pitted against the evil Slimemaster and his slug army.  It went down a storm and lots of children asked me where they can buy it.  I’d better get my writing skates on and finish it then – so far I’m only at chapter 7.

When I do a school event, the children get the chance to make a wish, just like the children do in The Wishcatchers and I offer a prize for the best one.  The hardest part of any school event is then deciding who gets the prize.  It’s incredibly heartening to read what the children put in their wishes – they are so funny, profound, thoughtful and imaginative.  I’ve been so touched by some of the wishes, while others have made me laugh out loud.  I had to choose one winner in each class, but really there could have been many more. 

Thank you Corstorphine Primary for such a lovely morning, for all your ideas and questions and, of course, your wishes!

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