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Heart in my mouth time

I’ve just sent off a story to a national competition, after putting it off for weeks.  That got my wondering exactly what my problem is with entering competitions or submitting work.  I actually submit very little of what I write.  What is it that’s stopping me? I think it’s largely fear – fear of putting my work under scrutiny (which is really the same as putting myself under scrutiny!), fear of rejection, fear that people might be sniggering at me behind their hands, fear that they might be thinking “How dare she!  Who does she think she is!”

How ridiculous it seems when I put it down in words.  After all, what do I really have to lose?  Largely I’m submitting work to people who don’t know me, people I am unlikely ever to meet.  Why should I care if they sneer?  The most I have to lose is the time spent getting a piece ready for submission and the cost of the postage – and the competition I’ve just entered allowed email submissions, so I haven’t even lost the price of a stamp!

Every year I tell myself I should submit more, and every year I find lots of excuses not to.  Maybe this will be the year I finally pull my writerly socks up.  I’ve got three submissions out at the moment – now, what else have I got that’s ready to go out in search of a home?

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