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Not so much the pram in the hall…

…more the boy on the sofa. Since last Wednesday my son has been unwell.  First it was spectacular vomiting, then when that cleared up, a hacking cough developed.  He’s managed one day at school (at his own insistence) since then.  So, I have had an extra person in the house during the day, one that is not making too much trouble – in between coughs he’s actually quite chirpy –  but one who is still undeniably there.  Hence I have found it almost impossible to get any writing work done.  I’ve managed a few bits of writerly admin and a couple of paragraphs of something which took me by surprise, but apart from that, zilch.

I’m sure the lack of sleep – three nights now of up and down propping his head back up on his pillows when he starts coughing in the night – isn’t helping, but I’m equally sure it’s more than that.  Just having someone else there, even when they’re not demanding anything much of me other than the odd snack or a chat now and then, seems to put me off kilter.  The funny thing is, although I’m finding it difficult to write, it seems remarkably easy to read the paper or do the crossword.  Does that require a different part of my brain?  A different kind of concentration?  Or am I just procrastinating?

  1. September 21, 2011 at 2:23 pm

    Ah yes. I had a snotty child on the couch yesterday too. And the knowledge that a hot little hand might touch your shoulder at ANY time to ask for a drink or a new book or an apple (actually, that one never happens) means that I just can’t settle to writing. So instead I did lots of useful but non-creative stuff yesterday, like join Twitter ( @LariDonWriter, if I’m going to do the networking thing…), and book trains to festivals, and send invoices. All the stuff that tries to stop me writing on nice quiet creative days. So seize the chance to blitz your to do list. And I hope he gets well soon!

  2. September 22, 2011 at 11:37 am

    Hope your daughter is feeling better today. I’ve sent my son off to school. So far so good… A sizeable chunk of work done on Operation Anti-slime this morning. Let me know how you get on with Twitter. So far I’ve resisted but people keep telling me I should succumb.

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