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Superheroes, villains and lots of wishes

I had a brilliant time with the P4 classes at Carrick Knowe Primary yesterday.  They got to have a sneak preview of the next Wishcatchers book – and they had very interesting  ideas as to why the wishes were not coming true any more.  It’s just as well that I know the answer, or I might have been tempted to use some of those ideas instead!

We moved from wishes to superhero agents and everyone had a chance to invent their own superhero or baddie and make up a fact file for them.  Some extremely intriguing characters emerged – how do you fancy meeting Poo-boy? (I don’t need to explain to you what his weapon is, do I?) Or the evil Mr Wood with his splinter gun?  I loved the idea of the superhero whose weapon was a huge fire-shield – and also the idea of a Supergirl whose powers are to make everything clean and tidy. ( I could certainly do with Supergirl in my house!)  There were loads and loads of fabulous heroes and villains being invented in Carrick Knowe yesterday.  I hope they don’t just stay in their fact files but get to go out and cause mayhem in some stories.

At the end of the session, everyone got a chance to make a wish and I’ve been reading through them this morning.  There’s a prize for the best one in each class and it’s always so hard to choose a winner, but I’ve just about managed it. The wishes were absolutely brilliant and show how thoughtful, funny and profound children are.  Thank you P4A and P4B at Carrick Knowe for a wonderful afternoon!

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