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A weird and wonderful story chain

At Creative Corstorphine on Saturday, I started off a story chain – with very surprising results!  Here is the chain which was created on the day.  The changes in colour tell you when a different person took over. 

Disclaimer:  The views expressed in the story chain are not necessarily mine (?!).  Please note that no elephants were harmed in the making of this story chain.

Once upon a time there lived a boy called Max, who loved picking daisiesOne day, he found a trap door in his attic.  He opened it and saw a dancing elephant in swimming trunks, who was dancing the rumba with a cheetah in a bathing suit.  All of a sudden, an alien appeared and it began to dance.  It was the weirdest thing Max had ever seen.  The alien was wearing a blue dotted, pink coloured bikini on its head.  The alien gave the elephant such a fright that he panicked and ran into a different universe.  The elephant was so frightened that he wet himself He asked a kind-looking alien if he could borrow some pantsThe alien said no to the elephant, so the elephant went off in a huff and started crying.  The alien was so angry that he killed the elephant.  The elephant’s mum and dad cried every day for a week but then thought it was good that he had been killed.  The granny and grandpa were sad that their only grandchild was killed.  Sadly, the elephant was pregnant when she was killed but she was not actually killed.  Happily she was able to have her baby before she died of old age.  She was 99 years old.  She was about to do a world record on the oldest elephant in 2011.  There was a giant parrotIt had lived in Max’s bedroom since he was born – that was 11 years ago.  The giant parrot was 77 years old and at his birthday party he got a parrot teddy – the replica of him!

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