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Recognition at last!

I had a lovely time yesterday attending a gliterary lunch with my mum and my sister.  Kamin Mohammadi was fascinating on real life in Iran as a child and a returning adult.  She had a lovely speaking manner and I could have listened to her for hours.  Janice Galloway was as sharp and witty as ever, sharing (and contrary to what she said, I think sharing was the right word, it’s not just for sharing biscuits!) snippets of wisdom about life and writing.  She said lots of profound and thought provoking things all wrapped up in an acid sweetie coating of wit.  I can’t wait to read her new book, All Made Up, a second volume of memoirs following the wonderful This is not about Me.

The authors were sitting quite close to us, and afterwards my mum had a word with Janice, who said that she recognised my face.  Now I would like to think that she recognised a fellow writer (though not of course in the same class!), possibly from some publicity I did at the launch of The Wishcatchers.  After all, she does live in Uddingston, so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that she reads the Hamilton Advertiser…  However, in truth, I think it’s far more likely that as I have been a bit of a Janice Galloway groupie and have been at quite a few of her events over the years, she has seen my face a few times in the audience.  I may even have asked her a question or two.  Still, I can surely still claim it as a small token of literary recognition!

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