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Halfway through January already!

I know, I know.  18th January already and all my promises to get back to writing “in the new year”  have come to not very much.  November and December were such busy months that my writing dwindled to almost nothing, but I promised myself I would get back into the swing once the festive season was over.  A bit of writing, a bit of editing, a writers’ group meeting, arranging a school visit – it doesn’t amount to much over almost three weeks.

They say that diets always start on Monday and I’m very tempted to write this week off and say I’ll get back into good habits next week.  I don’t know why I think on Monday I will be brimful of enthusiasm and the million things I have to do – mostly involving admin and housework, neither of them among my favourite activities – will miraculously have disappeared from my list.  So maybe I should start today, in fact right now!

But then, I notice that it’s after 2pm and I haven’t had any lunch.  Surely a writer can’t be expected to produce works of genius on an empty stomach.  So, lunch first, then writing…

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