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A great way to celebrate World Book Day

I had a brilliant time yesterday at Fox Covert RC Primary School.  What a fantastic way to celebrate World Book Day!  It was a lovely surprise to arrive and see so many of the children – and even some of the staff! – dressed up as their favourite book characters.

 The P3s and I went to a mysterious island in our imaginations – and what amazing things we found there.  From exploding golden footballers to giant lizards to flying jellyfish and much, much more.  The children were so good at describing the worlds they had imagined and I really enjoyed hearing about them.  I’m sure there will be some very exciting and interesting stories coming from that class in the near future.

 With the P4s, we looked at what makes characters interesting to read about.  Everyone got a chance to think up their own superhero or enemy and write up a fact file on them.  There were some fantastic superheroes – I would particularly love to meet Chocolate Man, whose superpower was to cover the world in chocolate.  There were lots of scary enemies too – including one who could use anything at all for a weapon and a particularly scary fairy who could use sound to really annoy people.

 In P5 we looked at different aspects of planning story-writing, using my box of planning tricks to help us.  We talked about mind-maps, character files, editing, throwing in bombshells and lots of other tools which can make planning easier and more fun.

 I could tell from the ideas and questions from the children in all the classes that there is a wealth of writing talent at Fox Covert RC – not to mention loads of imagination.  I hope the children enjoyed the day as much as I did.

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