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Writer’s dilemma

Not so much the pram in the hall, more the sick child in the sitting room…. After almost two weeks of no writing, because of other priorities, I was drooling at the thought of a week of getting back into editing.  However, my son had other ideas.  He’s been a bit off-colour for a while, but has been struggling on manfully, managing to do school and even some of his after-school activities.


On Monday morning, it was clear that crunch time had come and there was no way he was fit to leave the house.  So I resigned myself to a quiet day in with him.  We watched a film, I did the ironing and lots of washing.  I even sneaked in an hour or so while he slept.


On Tuesday, he wasn’t fit for school, so I left him sticking stickers in his sticker book (just as repetitive as it sounds, I suspect) while I cancelled all the things I should have been doing, and sneaked in some editing round the edges when he wasn’t looking.


Today, he seemed a bit brighter and headed off to school.  I zipped around doing all the things I hadn’t been able to do – nothing thrilling, some banking, picking up refilled ink cartridges, that sort of thing.  I had just settled down at my computer at 11 when the dreaded call came. I went to the school and picked up a rather sad-looking wee specimen and brought him home.


And now he’s under a blanket, watching TV and using up all the tissues in the house.  And I feel bad, being upstairs, tapping away, but the end is in sight and I really want to get this mammoth edit finished soon.  And I don’t want to make being off school such an attractive prospect that he’d rather be at home…


So, which should I be?  A bad writer, and not get on with the editing?  Or a bad mother, and not give him the cosseting he’d like?  Or bad at both – not giving either the attention they deserve?


Really there’s no competition. Editing can wait. I’m off to see to my ailing boy and give him a big hug.

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