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In which the author tries to cram as many words as she can into a single sentence…

I sit in the garden in the sunshine, watching the washing wavering on the whirly and a blackbird noisily washing itself in what has become the neighbourhood birdbath (in other words, the puddle which invariably forms at the bottom of the kids’ chute – and yes, it is a chute and not a slide, because this is Scotland and that’s the way it is) and it’s not quite as lovely as sitting in the garden yesterday at St Abbs, because that had the added attraction of a view of the sea – which was suitably azure and alluring – but sitting here, what I wonder is – does where I work affect what and how I write?

If I read over that last sentence – because it is just one sentence – I suspect that I have answered my own question.  My usual leaning is towards crisp and concise prose, even if I don’t always achieve it.  And yet, here in the garden, in the sunshine, my pen seems afflicted by a certain languorous meandering.  This doesn’t often happen.  Can the warm and the greenery around me be the cause?  Should I go and sit beside the open fridge and see if I write differently?  Well, no, that might be a bit drastic.  But I do wonder if the unevenness of tone which can be a problem when writing a longer piece over several weeks of months is partly caused by changing environment.  What do you think?

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