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“It made me feel I could do anything”

This is exactly the kind of feedback which makes it all worthwhile!  This week a wonderful package arrived from J6 at Clifton Hall School, full of lovely letters and a brilliant card with photos from my visit last week.

Writing is largely a solitary business.  Mostly it’s just me and my notebook or my laptop, getting down words, one after the other, trying to pin down the world which is in my head into something that other people will understand.

Which is why it is always such a privilege to be able to take my words out and about and share them with real live children.  And it’s great fun to find out some of the amazing ideas and interesting questions the children have inside their heads too.  I always come back from a school visit absolutely buzzing.

To hear how much the children enjoyed the visit too is great.  Here are just a few quotes from the letters I received this week:

“I’ll never run out of story ideas again.”

“Now I have my own notebook and I am going to take it everywhere.”

“The “what if” game really inspired me the most.  I loved how you used it to get us going.”

“Thank you for reading your new book to us. It made me feel that I could do anything, fight crime and save the day.”

“Last Christmas I started writing a story and after your talk I decided to go back to it and I wrote two more pages so it now has 7 pages, which is an achievement for me.”

And my favourite comment:

“I think you really inspired the class because tons of people are bringing in notebooks and writing stories.”

I love stories and there is nothing more satisfying than knowing I have inspired someone else to pick up their pen and start writing.  So thanks J6!  You were a fantastic audience and your card and letters really made my day.


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