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If the cap fits…

Most, if not all, of us wear lots of different hats.  I don’t mean berets and fedoras and bobble hats, though all of these are lovely and I probably have worn at least one of each at one time in my life.  I mean metaphorical hats, hats with labels attached.

I am my parents’ daughter, my sisters’ sister, more often these days my husband’s wife and most often of all, my children’s mum.  When I was in paid employment, I was Manager of this or that, even once the Head of something else.  These days I’m sometimes Mrs Christie to the children in the class I help in as a volunteer or just “my friend Carol” to my friends.  I could go on.  Like most people, I play lots of roles, and my identity is inextricably linked with all of them.

Today I had a lovely surprise.  I have been invited to a very special book launch at Corstorphine Primary School.  The P6 children have been working hard with local author, Mary Turner-Thomson, to produce their own book.  I am so excited to see the end result!

Now, I have very close links with the school.  My daughter was there and my son still is.  I volunteer in class and I’m also on the parent council.  I teach a Kids Knit after school class there once a week.  But none of this has anything to do with why I have been invited.

My invitation tells me that the children decided themselves who they would like to invite.  The letter says: “We know that you are an author, so we would really like it if you could come along and see our work.” So I am left in no doubt that I am being invited by the children as a “published author”.

It’s a hat that I am very pleased and privileged to wear.

And I’m so looking forward to seeing the book the children have produced!

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