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What’s in the box?

I had a whale of a time today on a visit to Echline Primary School.  But now for the hard bit…

What’s in the box?


Well, this is my special wishing box and on every school visit I do, the children get to make a wish and put it in the box.  There’s always a prize for the best one.


See?  It’s full of wishes.  But I can’t show you what they say – wishes are secret!

The trouble is that it’s always so difficult choosing the “best” one – is it the one that makes me laugh out loud?  The one that makes me wish I’d thought of that? The one that is so kind it makes me want to cry?  I’ve chosen all these kinds of wishes before.

I don’t know what’s in these wishes yet, but I’m dying to find out.  Wish me luck in choosing the winner!

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