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When writing sucks the heat right out of you

February 23, 2015 6 comments

I don’t know if it’s only me, but I find that when I am sitting at my desk writing, my body temperature seems to drop, sometimes rapidly.  I like to think that it’s all that high quality thinking and word-smithing which uses up all my energy.  The demands of my intellectual effort take over and all my resources go into putting words onto the page.  Phew!  Writing really takes it out of you.  That’s why a constant supply of tea, coffee, biscuits and chocolate are also necessary for a writer. (That’s my excuse anyway, and I’m sticking to it!)

But my other way of staying warm (forget putting the heating on – didn’t you know that impoverished writers are contractually obliged to work in a freezing garret?) is to shrug myself into my warmest cardigan, which has its permanent home on the back of my chair.  The only trouble is that it’s a rather embarrassing cardigan, as you can see from the picture.


Before you ask, yes, I did knit it myself, and I did choose the pattern and the colours.  In my defence, it was the eighties.  And the pattern did come from an Elle magazine knitting book, so it must have been vaguely fashionable at one point.  But the main thing is that it’s superwarm.  It’s also enormous and I can just about lose myself in its technicolour reindeer cosiness.  (Still – orange reindeer?  What was I thinking???)

You may argue that the temperature drop has more to do with sitting still for extended periods – but I’m still quite convinced it has more to do with the critical intellectual energy being expended.

So be warned if you start on the writing route – you may find your caffeine and chocolate consumption goes through the roof, but worse still, you might find yourself snuggled up in a very embarrassing cardigan.

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