The Wishcatchers

Would you like to know more about the world of the Wishcatchers?  Antonia Cowan (Ant to her friends) certainly did.  You can read all about what happened when she and her friend decided to spy on the Wishcatchers in the book, The Wishcatchers, published by Floris on 24th March 2011.

But if you can’t wait to get your hands on a copy, here’s some more about the story…

Ant is having a hard time of it at school.  A girl in her class, Rosie Brash, has been picking on her all year.  One day, while exploring a cave, Ant finds a shell necklace, which seems somehow to make her feel better. When she finds out there will be a new girl in the class, Ant makes a wish she comes to regret –  but when she makes a new friend, things change for the better.  Together they uncover unexpected secrets about the Wishcatchers, the shell necklace  – and Rosie Brash.

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