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Scary stuff!

I’m not talking about the plot of the new book, The Disappearing Wish, although it does include sinister sea sprites, a sea monster and a seriously unpleasant older brother.  No, one of the scariest things I’ve done recently is send off some sample chapters and a synopsis of The Disappearing Wish to my publisher.  Although I did tell them I was planning a sequel when I signed up with them, I don’t have a multi-book deal.   So now, I have to wait and see whether they like it and whether they want it. Gulp! It’s even more nerve-racking than sending the first one out into the world.  There’s so much more at stake now and I have so much more invested in it.  Still, no matter what happens, it was really fun to write and I did get to invent a sea monster, who might well pop up in another book some day.

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Cringeworthy central

Today I bit the bullet and actually introduced myself as the author of The Wishcatchers in a local bookshop.  That was after I browsed, had a coffee, browsed some more, bought a book… all the time thinking, will I?  Won’t I? Will I? Excruciating doesn’t do the feeling justice, but at least I managed not to blush – at least not until I was safely out of the shop.  The man behind the counter couldn’t have been nicer.  They had a couple of copies of The Wishcatchers on the shelf and he said he would have a look at it and keep an eye out for sales.  One down, several hundred more booksellers to go…

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Post publication blues

So, the Wishcatchers is in print and out there in the big bad world.  I have even seen it on bookshop shelves (though not recently) and I know that Amazon have run out of stock several times.  I have appeared, in all my glory, in two local newspapers. I’ve put a copy of The Wishcatchers in the reading corner at the visitor centre at St Abbs, where the book is (loosely) set and arranged copies for the local shop to sell.

But in reality, I have no idea how well The Wishcatchers is doing, how many copies it’s selling and what people think of it. 

I’m itching to get out and tell more people about it – I’ve approached several local schools and offered my services to give readings and workshops.  That was weeks ago, and I’ve heard nothing back, and now it’s nearly the end of term.  My big crate full of props, posters, books, activities and not forgetting my special wishing box, is lying ready and poised for the next event.  Here’s hoping that when schools are planning for next term, I get some more invitations to go out and share The Wishcatchers and my love of using language and imagination to create stories.  The events I’ve done so far have been great fun and the feedback I’ve had has been amazing.

In the meantime, I’m getting on with the very exciting sequel – The Disappearing Wish – in which the girls have to solve a mystery, while battling evil forces which may or may not include sea-sprites, gromlachs and a certain older brother…

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