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Wishes, Inspiration and a Teacher who Knows a Thing or Two about Shark Tongues

Well, what a fabulous morning I had with the P5s at Davidson’s Mains Primary today.  The whole school was buzzing with Book Week excitement, classrooms were rearranged and there seemed to be books and authors everywhere.  Every so often there would be a bing bong bung over the tannoy and everyone would stop what they were doing for five minutes and read.  The children were all so enthusiastic and could tell me all about their favourite books and authors.  It was such a lovely atmosphere.

Here's all my stuff ready to be packed for the visit

Here’s all my stuff ready to be packed for the visit

I met the two P5 classes and we talked about books and reading and writing and using our amazing imagination.  There were so many wonderful and interesting ideas bubbling up in those classrooms – I might even steal some of them for one of my books!  Everyone got a chance to make a wish and I always have a prize on offer for the best wish.  This time it was a shark, with a tongue that blows out.


I did make the point that although I wasn’t sure that sharks actually had tongues like that, I did know that sharks do have a sort of tongue – and the class teacher, Mr Greene, immediately said, “Yes, they do.  And it’s called a basihyal.”  How impressive was that?

I love doing author visits to schools, and today was especially brilliant.  Several children came to tell me that I had inspired them or that they now had a great idea for a story and were itching to write it.  And it doesn’t get better than that.

So a big thank you to P5 and Mr Greene and Mrs Bassett, as well as Mrs Higgins, for a hugely enjoyable and exciting morning.